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Tree Tops Farm


"Living in Harmony with Nature"







Some Nature Facts of the Area

Situated at the foot of a ring of rocks in the wilderness just outside the northern border of Yala National Park, we share flora and fauna with the large protected park. 

We are in the real wilds, the jungle around the Farm, which is home to many species of wild animals and a unique bird life. 

A colony of wild parakeets live in a tall tree, best seen from our bathing place. 

Among common animals lurking around Tree Tops Farm are elephants (Elephas Maximus), wild boar, sambur, spotted deer, jungle cat, rusty spotted cat. Sloth bear and Leopard inhabits the hills nearby.

Tree Tops Farm is situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka with semi-arid climate due to the scarcity of rain. 

The rainy season is the northeast monsoon from October to January. Mean annual rainfall is about 1300mm, and the annual mean temperature is 27 degrees. After the rainy season the area is lush and green.

Our neighbor - Yala National Park, also known as Ruhunu National Park was originally a reserve for hunters. It was declared a Protected Area in 1900, a Sanctuary in 1909, and a National Park in 1938..

The Park is an agglomeration of protected areas and consists of a variety of different ecosystems, and is essential for the diverse wildlife that inhabits this jungle. 

This vast area of wild nature stretches from Tree Tops Farm to the south coast, 50 km away, and to the east coast, 60 km away - which means 1300 km2. Yala and bordering forests hosts more than 1,500 elephants, making this area Sri Lanka's most important elephant habitat. 

Up to 130 species of birds has been recorded at Yala, among them several endemic dry zone species. Peacock is a common sight. 

The forest around Tree Tops Farm consists - like Yala - primarily of centuries old secondary forests; there is thorn scrub and dense forest where you will see many flowering trees and rare tropical woods.

The jungle around the farm has many plants of great medicinal value, for example neeramulliya (Hygrophilla spinosa), polpala (Aerva lantana), nilaveriya (Indigofera tinctoria) and vishnukranthi (Evolvulus alsinoides) and many more. 

Our staff - the villagers - has the knowledge to use these plants to eliminate a lot illnesses. For those wishing not only a holiday away from it all - but also rejuvenation by use of herbal medicines, our staff will find the right herbs from nature!





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