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Tree Tops Farm


"Living in Harmony with Nature"







How to find us!

Contact details:

Aku Esufali.

Cheif Coordinator 
Tree Tops Farm
Weliara Road,
Sri Lanka

Get to Buttala Town through Wellawaya or Kataragama; from Buttala, the distance to Tree Tops Farm is 9 kilometers.

Coming from Wellawaya: 
Go 11 km east to Buttala. Easy to find local buses, they leave every 30 minutes. A three-wheeler would cost around 300 rupees from Wellawaya to Buttala.

Coming from Kataragama: 
Buttala is 30 km north of Kataragama, it's a nice and interesting road passing through a stretch of the western part of Yala National Park. If you go by bus: check the departure times in advance. Normally you can find a bus at 11 am and 5 pm - but this could have been changed. This journey takes about an hour.

We don't recommend the late bus if you intend to visit the Farm.

From Buttala: 
You take the road 4.2 km towards Okkampitiya. Find the Weliarawewa signboard and turn right down a 4.2 km gravel road leading to Tree Tops Farm. A three-wheeler will cost 300 rupees. Ask the three-wheel drivers at the bus station, most of them know how to find us.

The 4 km gravel road leading from the Buttala-Okkampitiya main road into the jungle to Tree Tops Farm is rather rough and a 4W drive vehicle is to be preferred, but this may not be necessary if the conditions are dry. 

Three-wheelers ('tuk tuks') do fine in this terrain.

The narrow gravel road leads into elephant country!  

Due to this fact we strongly recommend you to arrive at Tree Tops Farm not later than 3.30 pm - and not before 8.30 in the morning. 

During the hot hours in daytime elephants generally rest and stay in the shadow of the forest. In this period you may not encounter elephants on the road and will be safe for travel. 

Late afternoon before sunset the elephants will, however, be quite active finding food and when moving around they often cross the gravel road. 

We expect that you and your driver are not experienced with wild elephants, so we find it best if you avoid meeting them on your own when traveling to the Farm. 

So, we advice you to arrive early, get a cup of tea, coffee or herbal juice and get tuned to the nature around us first, before attemting to go on any treks.

Please Note: we recommend you to be equipped with the following items, if you intend to visit our wild hideout in the jungle. 

Well fitting garments for the jungle treks and fitting shoes or boots.

A powerful torch, preferably 4 cells, using D size batteries.

Bathing suits for bathing and swimming.

Mosquito/insect repellent.

Binoculars would be an advantage.

Your personal water bottle.

Hat or cap.

And anything else that you might think necessary, as the closest shops are 9 kilometers away.





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