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Tree Tops Farm


"Living in Harmony with Nature"





Our Mission
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An Eco Lodge located in the dry zone jungles of the Weliara, 3 km from the Northern border of Yala National Park.

Accommodation : Clay Huts, Tree Huts, Campsite

Activities : Trekking, Rock climbing, Elephant spotting, Bird watching

Relax and listen to the sounds of the jungle around you. Help collect firewood and learn the native art of cooking rice & curry.

Visit nearby ancient Buddhist rock statues: Buduruvagala and Maligawila; both less than an hours drive away. 

The Kataragama shrine; the most popular pilgrim site in Sri Lanka is a 30 minutes drive from Buttala. Trips could be arranged to these places.


Tree Tops Farm offers visitors an unspoiled jungle experience, living in harmony with nature. We believe in basic comforts and blend discretely with our beautiful surroundings; - the virgin forest, the rocky hills, the native people and the wildlife.

We are located in the wilderness close to Sri Lankas' largest protected area - the 1300 Kilometer2 Yala National Park. We live amidst a wide range of wild animals found in the neighboring Yala Park. 

The most prominent amongst our wild visitors are the elephants, who are generally around, at nights they can often be seen from our sitting area. 

Large herds move around the area quite frequently.

Tree Tops Farm is NOT a zoo. We can't guarantee that you see animals. Yes, the forest around us IS abundant in Wildlife - but first of all you should come to experience the atmosphere, and to feel the soul of the jungle. 

What we can promise is protection and safe sleeping at Tree Tops Farm. We warn - and hopefully attract you - of the fact that elephants often visit the Farm at nights. In this case we may have to wake you up as a safety precaution.  

You will then have an opportunity to observe wild elephants from a safe place, so we feel free to disturb our guest's sleep - but you get a reward: nightlife in the jungle, the canopy of stars, the moon, and observing wild elephants. 

Nothing less than a lifetime experience.

Our night watchers are perfect guards; being hunters these local men are very experienced 'jungle experts', highly skilled in the art of using eyes and ears to interpret the signs of nature. 

We will share this knowledge with our guests when on treks, and the more days you spend with us, the more you will learn to read the signs of the jungle.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT - for visiting our wild hideout in the jungle: 

Well fitting garments for the jungle treks and fitting shoes or boots.

A powerful torch, preferably 4 cells, using D size batteries.

Bathing suits.

Mosquito/insect repellent.

Binoculars would be an advantage.

Your personal water bottle.

Hat or cap.

And anything else that you might think necessary, as the closest shops are 9 kilometers away.



The Tree Tops Farm experience

1. Sustainable Tourism and Back To Nature Accommodation 

2. Nature of Ruhuna

3. Culture and history of the area


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