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Tree Tops Farm


"Living in Harmony with Nature"







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Itineraries that could be offered to our visitors.

(For visitors on a 'flash' visit)


Day 1

Arrival at the Farm for tea and get get acquainted with Nature and to their different sounds.

Rest, relax and bath from the waters of the well and then we start to get ready for the night.

Dinner served between 8.00 – 9.00 p.m.


Day 2

Wake up to the sounds of Nature, to the sounds of a diverse variety of bird life greeting a new day being born.

Coffee/tea/herbal juice will be served in the kitchen.

Breakfast will be served to your convenience but before 10.00 am.

You could join a trek at 10.30 am through virgin jungle to an ancient irrigation tank called the Weliarawewa in time for lunch, which will be served there.

En route, visitors will encounter a diverse variety of fauna and flora and a variety of native and migrant bird life. You may be able to come into contact with wildlife, but that depends on your skill in the jungle. 

Rest, relax and swim in the Weliara wewa, an ancient irrigation tank built several centuries B.C by one of our prominent Kings, King Saddha Tissa.

4.00 pm – begin trek back to the Farm. En route, stop over at a watering hole that is frequently used by wildlife.

Reach the Farm by 5.30 pm for tea.


Day 3

A trek up into the mysterious hills behind the Farm. These hills are called ‘Arahath Kanda’ (Hills of Enlightenment), which is spotted with caves and was one of the habitats of Buddhist Priests and Kings several centuries B.C.

This trek goes through virgin jungle that has a variety of plant and tree life. 

The trek up to the summit of the hill is quite a difficult one but upon reaching the peak, one could be-hold the splendor of the terrain around us. 

You will also be able to see the terrain North and South dotted with irrigation tanks and paddy fields - a part of an ancient irrigation system, built several centuries B.C.

Lunch, Rest and relaxation at the peak of these hills.

Begin trek back at 3.00 pm to reach the Farm around 5.00 pm for tea.

Dinner will be served between 8.00 – 9.00 pm.


Day 4

Short tour around the Farm, inspecting the process of fruits and vegetables grown organically, traditional style - depending on the season.

Departure for your next destination, or to Colombo for an overnight stay en route to the Airport.


Please note: we could keep visitors occupied for as long as they want to, as this is a vast area of jungle that we are talking about and cannot be seen in a day or two, as sight-seeing will be done on foot. Some guests who come to the Farm prefer not to walk about but, just to relax and enjoy the soul of the wilderness. 


Night walks could be arranged for the hard-core nature lover, including tracking and observing elephants, bear and maybe leopard on foot. The nightlife in the jungle is amazing and with a lot of activity happening. 

Nights in the jungle is a totally different experience when compared to the days in the jungle, the main reason being due to our vision in the dark - which is only what you may see in the light of your torch, again, greatly depending on your torch, which is a very important factor on these dangerous treks.

A word on the kind of torch that would be accepted on these treks - your torch must be powerful, prefrerably powered by the use of 3 or 4 batteries - "D" Size (big batteries). Your torch must have a good 'spot' and very important - must be economical and strong.

A trek into the jungle starting at about 10.00 pm from the Farm is an experience for those who are strong at heart, and for the real hard-core nature lover. 

Stealth, silence and stamina is an important factor on these treks as it is quite strenous, well depending on how far you want to go.


Note: night walks will be at our discretion as it is dangerous. We have the right to refuse this request, depending on a lot of factors and will be dicided on the spot.


Tents could be provided for those who may want to camp out in the wilderness amidst the diverse variety of wildlife that live in the jungle. 

This is an experience those real hard-core nature lovers. 


Please Note: we recommend you to be equipped with the following items, if you intend to visit our wild hideout in the jungle. 

Well fitting garments for the jungle treks and fitting shoes or boots.

A powerful torch with a good spot, preferably 4 cells, using ‘D’ size batteries and an extra supply of batteries.

Bathing suits for bathing and swimming.

Mosquito/insect repellent.

Binoculars would be an advantage.

Your personal water bottle.

Hat or cap.

And anything else that you might think necessary as the closest shops are 9 kilometers away.



Prices are full board per person, single or double. No extra service charge. 

In view of the isolated location of Tree Tops Farm we offer only full board rates including tea, coffee, herbal juices, coconuts, fruits, drinking water, and a sunset drink to spice up the atmosphere of wild jungle life.

Large comfortable tent or clay hut: 28$

1) Short trek, 2-3 hours: + 6$ (max. 8 persons)
2) Long trek, 6-7 hours: + 12$ (max. 8 persons)
3) Camp out in the jungle: + 15$ (min. 2, max. 4 persons)
4) Tracking wildlife at night: +20 (max. 4 persons)

On the above mentioned excursions you will be accompanied by min. an experienced english speaking guide and two local hunters.

3 nights package incl. f/b and two long day treks: 90$

Stays more than 3 nights: 22$ per day






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